Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Videos and videos and more!!!

Well today I will be releasing more videos. maybe 2 at most. But WHO knows i may surprise with more then 2 :P

Well the last few days I've been fighten with being sick while editing and so much more. It seems like all of us Youtubers are getten hit with the sickness.

But none of us Partners are letten it wearing us down. We are fighten back and still doing our work. Thats one best thing when it comes working from home. If you are sick you can rest when needed and work in your pjs :D.

I wouldn't trade this job for the world. I am so happy doing what I am doing.

Right now I am looken through concepts and budgets for my Jewelry line and also trying to figure where to start next.

Dont worry though I try to keep everyone posted as much as i can. If you dont see it here you always see it on my Youtube channel , Twitter, or Google plus Page.

Every network I keep updated. I believe in a strong network. But if anyone ever doesn't see a post there is usually a reason or I am not near a computer. So Dont ever worry about what is going on. In all reality I will let ya guys know. But If i can't be near computer because VIA i am in hospital or where ever Just remember that I am always thinking of you guys and I will return as soon as i get back from where ever I am.

I dont ever forget those who count on me. it is other people you got to worry about.
Me i always go beyond others Expectations and make sure I am there for those who all need me. Well Back to Editing Just Thought I would leave this note for you guys to let you all know whats going on . *huggies*



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