Thursday, January 21, 2016

WORKING ON LOADS and Editing tons :D

Well As we speak I am working on 2 more videos to my Youtube channel.  

Here are the 2 I am working on Right now and will be Released within 24 hours.

1.Project Evolve Episode 3
2. Secret Video Episode 4.5  ( Vlog )

Those ones Are the one's I am currently working on as we speak. I am so excited with all the work I am doing And just to think there is so much more to come from me :D .

So excited!!! I just so am enjoying everything I am doing.  Well anyways I had a great day and wonderful visit with my son . Jigsaw was so excited to see me that he knocked me down. i swear that kid is gonna be a football player. I love my son very much. I am working my butt off to get him home. i just hope to GAWD it all pays off.
I ain't given up and I wont rest until he is home with me where he belongs. 

I ain't gonna be bullied anymore. I am taken down names (meaning who i am gonna argue againest in the courtroom like lawyers do) and I am gonna win . I have learned so much lawyer stuff that I could represent myself if i wanted to. I do plan to be a lawyer sooner or later. I Don't care how long it takes. Sometimes it is not all about your age it is about your effort and if you are willen to keep on going to get to you goal.

Alls i know is I am working around the clock and doing everything I can to get him home. It is worth every sleepless day . My SON IS MY WORLD. he is my peanutbutter. my little cutieFeeties :D . I got cutisy names for him. I will Admit I had 2 goals before the one i have now. it was to become a  Radiologist and then A lawyer.

There is so much stuff I wanna do. But My main Passion is Youtube. I can still do everything I want to do I just gotta balance it all. I know if I put my mind to it I can do anything I want to. I do plan to do what I want to do.

Alls I know is I got alot of objectives to do. 

My Main Goals Right now are these:

1. Being financially independent and Get my son back
2. Being Successfull on Youtube
3. Being Successfull with my other businesses ( Jewelry Line and Secondlife Tech Business's I got)
4. Possibly Getten my own office 

Those are just some I have. There are lots more of them. But I Ain't given up. I will win so :P
Kiss it because I WILL make a believer out of those who think I can't do it . I have alot of people
who have doubt in me when it comes to me being a entrepreneur (Meaning the meany pants people) Which
I wont name. But they know who they are.

I believe Anyone can achieve Greatness if they Try hard enough and they have the passion for what there doing.Just watch me grow peeps. you will see :D I am gonna make ya a believer. Only a believer in me succeeding.



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