Sunday, March 13, 2016

LOST AND TIME ZONES with a blonde moment *Slaps my forhead*

Well today my friend From France reminded me about spring clocks going a head an hour. Thank gawd she reminded me . I am already lost enough with all the stuff going on . so for that reminder i am so grateful for it. because if she didnt I wouldve been even more lost but in a time zone . LOL ROFL .Man when i get blonde moments i get them big . LOL ROFL

I know i have been sick and all  but da*n why did i have to lose time double. when i dont feel good i lose track of time because of the medications i am on (which is normal) but now since spring is here it is like i lost it double times .  Well thank goodness it was caught early . Eaither wise People would be looken at me strange. But I know what I would say if they did look at me strange. Hey I got lost in time have you ever ? lol 

I ain't a blonde. But My gawd i get alot of ditzy moments. so much i should be a blonde.  To be quite honest i got a little blonde hair when the sun hits it during the day. you can see it a little. Then when the sunset hits it is auburn then at night fall it is Black  or dark brown. I am like a chameleon.  If you think thats bad During the winter my hair is black or Dark Brown But Summer is changes again. It light brown  , Little blonde when sun hits it and Auburn at sunset. 

My eyes are the same when it comes to changing. My eyes are blue but depending on what i am wearing or if i am wearing make-up on or not will depend on what color my eyes change. If you would like to see any of that just take a look at some of my pictures on my google plus page. 

here is a collage with a few pictures together . you can see in the one picture my eyes look yellow ,and another bright blue like zombie color. -->

If you would like to see more pictures I do post pictures from time to time. so here is my collection on google plus if you would like to follow

Before you ask Yes I am Gothic. I just don't really wear alot of that black make-up anymore.
I have changed quite abit but I am still the same person. If Anything I have changed for the better not any worser .LOL.

I love dressing up and wearing all sorts of stuff. Only word i could think of to describe was stuff .lol . I always felt strange wearing bright colors but it wasn't until the last 3 years That i begin to wear them again. I think it was because i was scared of people seeing the (one side of me ) that i try to hide so i don't get hurt. 

My history has been people bringing in alot of drama and me being hurt alot by people and later on being traumatized by it. so it is only understandable that I tryed to hide it. But even now even if i tryed to hide my (other side) it wouldn't work people can see right through it .

They see the gentle,loven,warm ,Sensitive, energetic, happy, Easily Excitable about tiny things or strange unusual items (or just about anything ),and  talented person. There is more to that side . I just for the longest time i was told by my family to hide it because people could use it to hurt me .So i did what i was told. 

But now since i seem to open up more about who i am and such i feel so much better then i did before. I dont know how to explain it but I just do.

I do get scared though still but i am always waiting for someone to hurt me again. I am always on the look out for it . So i also got a defensive side as well that trys to protect that innocence side of me. Thats the only word i can really explain that side. I have difficult with explaining sometimes.

Well i am Getten much better. Early this somorning though my throat was gonna try to act up but i took my medication and it stopped it before it could start. so i am glad i got it quick. :D thanks to my doctors though :D .  I am glad we got people who know what there doing . 

Anyways I am gonna try to do some work . Plus try to go back to bootcamp. I am gonna try Keyword. I am taken baby steps . one day at a time. I am not gonna rush myself into it. I dont need a relapse .  If i dont finish my course before the deadline which i haven't a clue when that is .. it is alright at least i tryed. 

Its like I tell all youtubers You gotta take care of yourself first before all others. our health is very important.

Anyways gonna get going .




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