Thursday, March 10, 2016

Things TURN For the Worst Scurried back to The ER 2am this morning

Well once again I headed back to the ER and my throat almost closed on me, heart acted up Again , then to make things worse my vertigo settled in as well . Luckily I had Another set of doctors who took a different approach to make sure all things were clear. Had all tests done from head to toe to pin point what was going on.  When I was there it took over 6 hours to get any medication . (From what I overheard The doctors thought certain duties were suppose to be done by the nurses ) it was a clear misunderstanding and
miscommunication . Which wasn't good at all.  But when I got medication  finally  I was fine.

See I can't afford doctors as you can tell. I have had heart issues from the longest time. Born with a heart murmur and now I have blood clots that occasionally  go through my heart. I am not on any medication and nor have I gotten any medications for it. Because by the time I get to the ER the blood clot has already been through and long gone.  The only reason I know I got blood clots is because they have catched it once on a sonogram. but ever since then they haven't been able to detect it unless it happends the moment I am there.
It is one of the situations where unless I get there on time while it happends  they can catch but if it is gone by the time i am there... there is nothing they can do but to treat what they see and observe.
No doctors have YET helped me on this. So it is an on going situation. And lots of visits to the ER.

One reason I keep on going to the ER is because I can't afford a Specialist. I aint on any medication for this so when it happends I have to pray to be alive and hope to gawd that sooner or later I will know what the hell is going on with my body. plus hope I get to the ER on time.  (recently my car broke down again.)

When it rain it pours. when Trauma and drama happenes it always comes in groves in my case :'( .I am tired of having back to back events like this. But like the saying goes " what ever doesn't kill ya it gets you Stronger"

I will admit it is scary but I am only one person and I can only do so much . Along time ago i was on social security for my mental disorder. At the age of 21 they stopped it because I wasn't on medication anymore for it was because my Doctor Said I didn't need anymore. he said I was borderline.

Believe me this has caused me hell from that day until now. I have medical debts that are well over $20,000
Dollars and they are still going up. Of course they keep on trying to cut deals with me and lower it down if i pay it all at once or half of it. But I don't have that kinda money. I can't afford Doctors.  Nor can I even afford my psychologist who is in winter park. But I can afford the low price medications. not the expensive ones.

You can judge me if you want BUT There is not one person who has the right to Judge another person.
Only Yourself can Judge yourself. People seem to love to Judge people without knowing EVERYTHING
About them. Its like A Judge had said in court  " Only you Can Judge yourself not anyone else."
A Judge Can only Judge on what they see, know And what is brought to them to work with when they do there cases. Of course that means Facts,Evidence , or whatever else. But one thing they solely Judge upon is one Factor in all cases no matter what it is. And that is  " Without a reasonable doubt "

Which means that you have to clear Evidence that your case can be proven that is truth in that matter. That no matter which way you look it can't be proven to be wrong or twisted , manipulated ,or Changed So that the other side is right. Basically it means that you cant have a doubt at all.

That is what it means to prove without reasonable doubt. There is no doubt.  I hope that helps explain that.

A Prosecutors Job is to Twist things and bend them to make there side right. Even if it isn't true they lie and twist facts so there side wins. (Thats my opinion and from what I saw) but All Lawyers knows this too and have agreed with me as well. it is common sense. You have to find eachsides weakness and also use there past to Win the case. Sometimes they hurt the people mentally sometimes if it helps there case.

My best example of this is  the movie { I am Sam } . Which is a very touching movie  Or { RainMan } Another great movie.

Another great way to show how prosecutors work is the movie { My cousin vinny}  . you remember there were 2 college kids that get blamed for murder that they didn't even do because some other guys had the same car and looks.Then to make it all worse there confessionals at the jail station. The both hadn't a clue what they were charged for nor what the officers were talken about?  You remember the scene when (Bill ) SAID that he shot the clerk and kept saying it confusingly and then when the sheriff walked out then he understood what was going on .

  not to mention the witnesses did were easily swayed with there confessions. Like the Grits guy who said it took him 5 minutes to cook his grits when in all reality it took all other proud southerners 20 minutes to make there grits. not instant grits because no proud southerner uses them. (from what this movie has said i am not sure if they do or not so not judgement from my side on that eaither way).

If you go into a regular court room and just sit and just watch case after case you can see how these people work and operate.  I have seen both sides. One key factor is they will go mental on you. Mental seems to be easy for them But it always make you wonder if they were ever a BULLY in school . or If maybe they have been bullied themselves. it makes you questions on how Courts work and why certain things are allowed to be used or not.

Another Great Movie is  (Mrs.Doubtfire) Another touching movie

There are alot of Questions in this world that still haven't been answered.

Anyways I am gonna get rest like i have been doing.




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