Saturday, April 16, 2016

2 videos Releasing today with Another New Let's play !!! :D

Well I got 2 video's  I will releasing Today.

First one is the full Game Play  and the second one is just Straight to the Ditzy funny moments.
So you can pick and choose which one you would like to watch :D.

Choice oh Choices. It all depends if you have the time for me *smiles* LOL.
Okay Jokes a side I know you guys will love it and I do plan on doing more with this game play as well
as many others. I am gonna start playen lots of games at once So you got a variety to choose from :D.

So here is the First Title Of the Full Game Play one

1.  Enforcer EP.1 Why I Shouldn't be an Officer

and for the Ditzy moment one I haven't named it yet.

But I really hope you guys like it because I know I loved playen it since it is one
of many favorite games of mine . :D

After I upload these then i will take a nap and get up and Start my other new Lets play I Had planned for
later today :D .

Well I thought I would  give you guys some great news :D
I hope all of you are doing well and are happy .




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