Thursday, April 21, 2016

BootCamp Karma ER EP 13 VLOG RELEASED WITH A Special Shout out!!

Well BootCamp Karma ER   EP 13 Is now released. Take a watch at it :D

BootCamp Karma ER   EP 13

In this episode I let you know why I have crutchs . I also give you An update on my son Jigsaw and show a brand new picture of him . I give you some insight to my videos and what is going on.  Plus I talk about how bootcamp and Karma might be mixed in what recently happend with my crutchs. coincidence MAYBE OR MAYBE NOT. I also give a special Shout out TO KEVIN SMITH!!! That is one of our subscribers aka Family Member to our channel :D

Recently Kevin Smith left 2 comments So I decided to give a Special Shout out to him!!! WELL done Kevin!! Thanks for the AWESOME COMMENTS!!.

I am getten back to work on my game video now . I will be back shortly :D




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