Monday, April 25, 2016

Cinderellas World Goes Upside Down Ep 2 Is now Released and also some information for you !

Cinderellas World Goes Upside Down Ep 2  Is now Released! I hope you Enjoy it as much
as i did playen it. The rendering process was nutts like always. The First Rendering Process was long
as hell as you have read. The second Rendering process I thought for sure was gonna be long but it
wasn't .  As for the uploading I Kinda Expected it to be long since what uploading process isn't .
Especially when it is a 1 hour one. but to be exact how Long it is .. It is actually 57 minutes I was
able to shave off a few minutes During Editing process.

Just REMEMBER In this Video it has sensitive material , Some Real Information , and Some Crying.
If you are not Able to handle these type of situations then please do not watch this video.

With No Further Ado  I am pleases to Announce Cinderellas World Goes Upside Down Ep 2
Is now released!




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