Thursday, April 14, 2016


Well Hello Everyone ! Well First off Just to let you know I am in the rendering process of the New Series !!! It is gonna take a while. it is a long one!. But I know you guys will enjoy it once it is uploaded. This series is gonna be awesome. I know alot of gamers play alot of the same games but what they don't see or realize is that even though it is a same game as maybe someone has played before  That when A new Gamer plays it they play it with a different personality, a different experience all together . Not one gamer has the same experience then the last.

With each gamer there is a different personality, person and ect.  Anyways Another thing I would like to talk about is My Campaign. I know you guys don't like hearing about stuff like this but It isn't a political one so at least you should be happy about that much. lol . Politics yuck!! lol. There is always too much arguing in those.

Anyways  WE Posted dates and List Of Prioritys  on when we would like to have things done by on. We are cutting it close. But I will be doing all i can to still try to make some videos from Second life. I maybe thinking about cutting back on videos there since I am losing it slowly. So far we had 1 donation. I hope we can do alot more. But until then I am working my a* off on lets plays and other things.

I hope That all of you who do love the serie's Donates to keep it going. I really love maken videos in secondlife.




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