Thursday, April 21, 2016

You Clearly Can't See Me! EP 2 ENFORCER IS NOW RELEASED!!

Well sorry it took a few more hours then it should. I fell asleep from the meds I am on for my ankle.
But Still I got it here on time :D

Anyways with no longer further Ado I Am Announcing You Clearly Can't See Me! EP 2 ENFORCER
Now Released!!!..

You Clearly Can't See Me! EP 2 ENFORCER

Clearly Drivers need there eyes checked. No one knows when to watch the road or Watch who is walken across the road *looks down at pedestrians*  Panic ,Hysteria,Shooting,  and Drivers who don't understand to STEP OUT OF THERE CAR! . Not to mention having bad brakes . *slaps my forhead*  CHECK out this episode and see how much more stuff they put me through.

I so Hope you Enjoy this video as much as I did maken it :D
Alright Everyone well I am gonna get back to work and ready for tonights Episode being done for tomorrow.




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