Saturday, May 21, 2016

2 Timing Lori &Goodbye Tokyo Ep 4 PG IS RELEASED NOW! Read this for the Explicited Release

2 Timing Lori &Goodbye Tokyo Ep 4  PG

This is the PG  Version .In This Episode 2 Timing Lori Stirs up Trouble with Voila and Angela. Not to mention Eric is Cheating On Truly.What could go wrong next? Who knows ? But watch and find out :D

Right Now 2 Timing Lori &Goodbye Tokyo Ep 4  Explicited is in Rendering Right now.
It has 2 hours and 12 minutes For Part 1 rendering phase.

Just to let you know this one is Explicited . It is also 1 hour and 22 minutes Long.
Anyways Thought I would let ya know .  Also one more thing there is a Special
Outro ending with the secret to the third Video that is gonna be Worked on at Midnight .

So be sure to watch this episode because there is Fabulous information in this Episode :D
But you guys gotta watch it if you wanna find out what game is being played for tomorrow's
Episode. When that episode is released then 2 game plays will be told to you in that gameplay.
So you have to be a detective and search for clues :D .

Be sure to watch guys !! it is time for you to be active and be my detectives :D . I know you can do it . make our channel Proud :D




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