Saturday, May 28, 2016

Dealing With Addiction Ep.2 IS NOW RELEASED!!!! please read !



Sorry for the long wait but as it was uploading again for the second time I took a nap.
So Now I am all refreshed and up for another GREAT NIGHT WITH YOU!!!!! :D

Anyways with no further a do Dealing With Addiction Ep.2 is NOW RELEASED!!!

Dealing With Addiction Ep 2

In This Episode a shipment of Prescribed Medication Gets "Supposedly Lost" And Ruth's Pharmacy Goes low on Acetaminophen. While Surgeon Quinne Needs it for his patients for Surgery .Doctor MD Allison and pharmacist Ruth Go Searching for the missing Shipment.Later On They Find The Shipment in Daniels Care and later learn he was an addict.  Watch to find out what happends.

Tonight I will be doing another Episode of  { Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever Platinum Edition }
Since I was trying to sneek that one in the one day and it didn't work since my rendering time
took forever. SO TONIGHT I WILL BE WORKING ON  { Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever Platinum Edition}.

I will let you know when I begin to get ready for recording !!!

I SO hope you enjoy the new video I made for you guys . I went to hell and back to get it
uploaded and all. I really to try my hardest to make you guys happy. You Guys means the
world to me and i love you and miss you guys so much.

Anyways I gotta get going . I gotta go brush my teeth and the whole nine yards so i can begin my day.

See you in a little bit SWEETHEARTS!!!!




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