Saturday, May 21, 2016

Explicited is now Released Ep.4 !!

2 Timing Lori &Goodbye Tokyo Ep 4  Explicited

This Episode is Explicited. Uncut and Unedited Mean Girl Style.
This Episode is very Special with a very Special Ending with a
Secret to Tonights ::video ::that is gonna be worked on  for the third Video .  ::Enjoy ::

Be Sure to watch the Explicited Version To find out the secret for the 3rd video.
I hope you guys LOVE IT !!!

Enjoy !  I am getten prepped for the 3rd Video. Take Your Time Watching it Alright. Because it will be awhile before the 3rd one is uploaded and all because of recording time, editing,rendering part 1 and 2 ,uploading and processing.

I Love You And Miss You Guys !

*Big Huggies*



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