Thursday, May 26, 2016

Followen Your Heart ♥Ep.1 is now UPLOADING!

Followen Your Heart ♥Ep.1 is now Uploading. it has 1 hours and 45 minutes in Uploading Process. My GAWD THIS is Taken Awhile BUT IT IS SO WORTH IT !!! :D

I swear there needs to be another way to have these processes faster. I use rendering with sony then handbrake for part 2 to make it even smaller. then uploading is just simple because i just add it to the upload process. But after it is uploaded sometimes there is a process after that called "Processing time" GAWD ! GRRRR. But is okay. I am use to this process. Hey At least I will know how long it will take for a 1 hour and 57 minutes long Show aka movie. :D the next time I do it.

Its all a learning process but it doesn't bother me at all. I love all my creations and I plan to Keep doing what I do best and that is Create AWESOME CONTENT! :D

Usually when My videos are in LONG Rendering Time I usual go take a shower ,edit or other things. OR I Shower before a show. It all depends. So eaither way I am always in the shower LOL ROFL.

Well At least I am doing something productive. LOL . i wish i had people to chat with because if i did I would chat with them during the rendering process. That would be cool. But unfortunately i don't .

There has been times I thought About going on Second Life while I am in the rendering phase's but I don't like doing that just to go to talk to people because I like to be close to my work and be on top of it . So if anything happends I can be there and be able to fix it.

You can say I like perfection in my work. i try my hardest on all my work . I try to be the best I can be. I know I won't ever be perfect but hey at least I can do my best :D .

Sides in Second Life I only have 5 Friends on my list and most of the time when i am on none are there Except Mileena. Which I CAN ALWAYS Count being there. As for my other friends they barley even talk to me or even know I am online. So i don't bother them at all.

I don't like bothern People. I always feel like I am a hindrance to them. I usually stay to myself. I am the same way in real life. I always stay to myself. I don't go outside Unless I have to .Eaither wise I stay indoors all the time. Unless my family needs me or i got an interview, or chores my mom needs help with or , i got grocerie shopping to do. Othere wise I am always indoors 24/7 and don't really see daylight much. 

It is like when I am in my home I am in a different and safe world. A world where I am accepted and loved for who i am. Now you are probley wondering loved by who ? Well me ofcourse I live by myself with my plushies . lol. :D
One day it won't be like that. But that is gonna take a lot of time. My first priority is my career and then whatever comes next.

I am hoping not to be alone forever . But Time Will Tell. Anyways So When I am in the rendering phase I usual got take shower, edit thumbnails, pictures,eat , or Catch up on my favorite Youtube videos I love watching or whatever.

I would say I am very happy the most when i am doing my videos for you guys. I don't feel so alone when I am doing them. I like not feeling like I am not alone and you are there. it is like we are staying up late at night and haven a gaming Slumber party. *giggles*

Well i know I have fun and i know you do too. I am hoping one day I can share movies and more with someone . It would be nice to watch a movie and not only hear my own laughter but someone elses as well. But Until then it will only be my laughter I hear at my own dumb jokes ,or movies i watch or whatever. But thats fine Because I know Someday It will change. But it is gonna take time.

Anyways I am glad I shared that with you guys.I will Keep you posted on Followen Your Heart ♥Ep.1 .





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