Monday, May 30, 2016




Well as you saw yesterday I stayed up pretty late . So i didn't get to bed until like 6pm Because later after I left here I had to grocery shop and all.  Because my car is still not working and is still of the road i had to
ask a neighbor of mine to help me with the  ( transportation ) situation. So they did and I was very glad they did. I thanked them a whole bunch. they were such a sweetheart.

I am so glad there are people in the world who are like that still. Anyways so I didn't get to bed until like 6pm. I put my alarm clock on for 10:30pm but my I woke up and turned it off then went back to bed.
My body didn't want no part of it. it was Exhausted. So i just got up about 6:55am . Then been trying to get my body to get up for the day. Boy was that ever hard. my body was a little achy and was like f*ck you I wanna lay in bed and relax for a bit. So i did while watching Are you being served ? show . which i left on from last night so i could fall asleep to it. I always have to have something on when i sleep. Eaither a movie that replays itself or a show that replays itself. Eaither wise I can't stay asleep.

See ever since I became single again and now Am 100% by myself it has become even more difficult to sleep. FOR most of my life i had always had someone to sleep with and now i dont have anyone . My whole life is an upside down world full of fear,panic, lost ,confusion and workaholic .

The only way to put myself to sleep is to work around the clock to the point of exhaustion. Then have a nice
hott cup of hott cocoa to put myself to sleep the rest of the way. To top things off I have to have TON'S and I means TON'S of pillows surrounding me so i can fall asleep while feeling secure. And to make things feel better I snuggle my Ducky and my dragon plushy while sleeping under my teddybear sheet,butterfly blanket throw,and my newborn blanket I had since birth. YES I am like Linus from PEANUTS Cartoon. I will whip you with my blanket. I can't sleep without it.

So with all that I feel alot better and more secure. Yes I am insecure. but with the life I have had and i know you don't know everything about me yet but I have been through alot more then I have told you so far. You will know more as we go along in our gameplays and all. Once i get more comfortable you will get to know me more.

I do plan to let people know more about me. It is just gonna take some time on certain things though. but Anyways Our Schedule Has change Again on our channel since that has happend from yesterday being so late. So We are now on A day Schedule. So I will be recording during today. You WILL GET YOUR VIDEO TODAY.  So now worrie's family.

I so hope you guys understand and can bare with me on my weird SLEEP CYCLES. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH GUYS.  I WILL START RECORDING ABOUT 9:30 AM eastern time. I WILL POST A few minutes before to let you guys know what game  I am playen today. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! YOU Mean the world to me  *gives you great big huggies*




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