Monday, May 16, 2016

I Don't Like You Fairy Godmother Ep 4 Finale Is Finally Released!!! :D

I Don't Like You Fairy Godmother Ep 4 Finale

In this Episode Every so often i have to Cross Fairy Godmother and boy do I dont give a care . But In this Episode We Fight Chi  Spider queen and destroy her to save  Princess Shan So she can marry her Prince.

Sorry for the long wait Guys. But During this somorning while I was in part 2 rendering phase I fell asleep.
I didn't think it was gonna happen but it did. Then When I woke up I got a call from my dad that he was gonna come and pick me up to go shopping.  So as soon as i got up I finished the part 2 rendering and began the upload .so while I left to go shopping it was uploading.

Ofcourse When I came back it was done but then I when I switched outlets for my computer I forgot that the other outlet had no power and my computer shut itself off because the battery went down fast. So When I saw that I put it back in the outlet that was okay . Charged it back up and began to resume where I left off.

I left off at the part of maken the thumbnail and just finished alittle while ago. lol. But all that counts is it is done now. But while I was out I began to realize something. While I was at the store bestbuy a guy talked to me about different types of computer because I was looken at some.

He told me other Youtubers Bought Computers there. I was happy to know that I wasn't the only partner of Youtube here in Florida.I feel so alone sometimes when you hear most of Youtubers Live in California.

But at the sametime when he heard I was a Youtube partner he looked me up and stuff. and I told him alittle about Youtube partnership and how it was and also recommended to check out Alan Becker (Another Creator on Youtube) .

It was so nice Just to chat about Youtube to someone who understood. most people you meet in person dont seem to understand and look at ya funny. I know for one thing my parents still look at my funny about
being a youtube partner. They keep asking me when i am gonna make enough money to support myself.

I told them i have been looken for a full time job and been doing working with Youtube. My dad doesn't think me doing Youtube is gonna get me anywhere. But I plan to prove him wrong . I am gonna try my hardest to do my best to make the best content ever and so on forth. Ok enough speech .LOL .

Anyways I am gonna get going to work on Enforcer now. Sorry I got a little distracted with some Youtube videos I was watching so i could relax before I worked my a** off again.

Anyways I am headed to Working on Enforcer!!! :D  After that one it will be Angela's FASHION FEVER! THEN MY new game plays. But I am gonna spread them out through out the night. Because I GOTTA get some sleep tonight because I got a 10:30 am Interview with publix. but I gotta up at 7am.

Thought I would let ya guys know . I love you family and miss you !!!!




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