Thursday, July 14, 2016

Welcome Our 53rd Family Member!!!! Also Here is the News some people missed♥♥♥♥♥♥




Here is your Special Welcome Video As well My Darling Sweetheart -->

Welcome Our 53rd Family Member!!!!

** Just To Let you know To all Family Members All Of Our Storys Connect to one another***


HD is going very well. So well it That it surpassed Youtube. LOL . Literally the clip i made was like actual movie and you can only watch it on VLC Media Player. My Jaw like dropt when I saw how good the one episode cameout. but the problem is i can't edit in Sony vegas or my other Editing program. So i gotta figure another way. LOL. I Swear I learn one thing and the find another thing to learn LOL ROFL. So That is where we are right now. Tomorrow I will begin work to find out how to fix all that. So things are in progress :D

Thought I would give you some images so you can sorta see what our home looks like. believe me it is no where close to what i have imagined in my head.Now for the Brand new News That I just saw. We Just Welcomed Another Newest Addition to our family.We don't have there name yet but when we do I will let you guys know like I always do.


WELL HELLO THERE SWEETHEART!!!! Welcome to our family!!♥♥♥♥♥♥

It is very excited to have you join apart of our family. We have so patiently Have Been Waiting for your
Arrival. Sorry for such a mess .Right now we are adding new features to our channel and such . Which happens here and there. Here and there and everywhere with alittle of this and little bit and you can what can see * Begins to sing Mambo number 5 and does the dance and turns on the Music* Here is the Link To The Song So You Can Listen to it while you read this-->
But I always keep everyone Updated so no one is in the dark ever.

*picks up your luggage* I hope your flight went well. Just to let you know everyone is allowed to Decorate there room However they would love too. So you can decorate yours However you want. Just to let you know we have a 24/7 Kitchen Staff and everything you could possible ever need and want here in our home.

Just To Let you Know Everyone is accepted here and treated equally. We believe in Equality on our channel.
* We begin to walk through our beautiful botanical garden * *Another Song Begins to play through out our patio *  {Lou Bega- Baby Keep Smiling begins to play} here is the link to listen to while looken at pictures and reading ->

Now As You can see our grounds crew have a lot of work around here. We take pride in our Beauty.
I love our fountain .I can just sit here at night and watch the beautiful fountain. It is so serene here and Just so relaxing.  

*Guides you down the pathway *

Oh look there is some of our family members now *waves and points that we have a newest arrival to our family* See everyone is happy to see you. We are always happy to have another family member.
By the way I hope your in for a walk because we arn't at you place yet *looks at you* don't look at me strange our family home is huge. It fits everyone who joins. And we are constantly added more and more to our home. Which in the long run is good for everyone. 
*holds your hand as I guide you down one of our garden path ways*

I hope it is okay I hold your hand I dont need you to fall or anything. sometimes some of our family members seem to trip over this one part of our garden. I don't need you getten hurt or anything. I did talk to our grounds keepers and they said there were on it. But it has been a few days and they do have alot of work. So I hired more Gardeners and Grounds Keepers. We got about A million of them now. so it should help better. Our lawn is huge as if you didn't notice already. but the funny part is you have only seen 1 %  out of 100% of our home. No one will ever see the whole thing because one we keep adding and we are always expanding. Which is a happy day for everyone.

Well we are Almost to your home now. I know you look at like what?! home?! Well Everyone has a room the size of a house. You have everything. A kitchen ,2 bathrooms,living room, 2 extra Bedrooms and plus 1 masteroom . so technically you have 3 rooms,2 bath rooms ,Kitchen, Living room,A spa room, A Salon and more. You have a lot. plus your own pool 
*points to your beautiful pool*

Well that was Quick. you just Jumped into the pool. Well I would too only problem is i gotta get back to the main of our house and get some chores done . *smiles* I WILL be right back I am gonna get your Extra Fluffys from your extra Storage room. .dont look at me funny. *giggles* you sweethearts seem to be Surprised about a lot of things when it comes to our home. *giggles and walk into the house gets 2 fluffys out of the Extra Storage room and places them on the bed. Walks outside and takes of shoes and deeps them into the pool *  Well Sweetheart If there is Anything You ever need or need someone to chat or talk too or if someone ever bothers you just give me a ring on my cellphone and I will rush on over and try to best accommodate you the best I can. 

I put 2 Extra Fluffys on your bed *giggles*  I know you are gonna look at me strange again. Well We call Fluffys Pillows in our family. So if you ever here Fluffys it means Pillows. Also Just to let you know We are a Very Supportive Family. We are there for you in Good Times and Bad Times. No matter what we are here for you. We are a very Loven,Caring ,Nurturing, Understanding, Loyal, Trustable  Family and more.

Here are all my contacts to get a hold of me A.S.A.P. we will be adding more features soon. 
So Please keep a look out for them . 

If you ever need someone Just to chat with or be there for

you Please Email us at

Direct Email Us On Our YouTube Page-->

My Google Plus Page

My Twitter

My Blogger

My Steam Page Graveyard9999 

My Flickr Page  Alexia Admiral


Alright Well *gives you a Big Huggie and Kisses on the Cheek* Just let me know if you ever need anything.

*A Party Erupts Not to far from where we are so I head to The party as they play the song Lou Bega - 1+1=2*
Here is the Link for you to listen to so you can hear how much our family is really haven fun at our party -->

Alright Sweethearts I So hope your Day Is beginning Swell. I love all of you with all my heart and I miss you tons *Runs to the party and gives all family members BIG Huggies and Kisses on The Cheeks*

*Gets phone call from our newest family member * Sure hon Come down and join the party everyone is invited. dances and has fun on the dance floor. Finally our newest family arrives to our party . I run over give them a big huggie and kisses on the cheek welcoming them. *looks at you * OMG I thought it was gonna be forever until I saw you. I am so glad it wasn't . *smiles while giggling* We all have a blast at the party!!!

Well Back To Work I Go Sweethearts. I love you with all my heart and I miss you tons.
I so hope you all enjoy the party. *Smiles*


♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely With Lots Of Love♥♥♥♥♥♥

♥♥♥♥♥♥DancingSouless ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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