Saturday, July 9, 2016

When You Know you hitted A Wall in A game. Please take a read sweethearts it is important!♥♥♥♥♥♥



Please Don't Go EP 2 | Cathy's Crafts Platinum Edition is now in uploading phase. As soon as that is uploaded then I will edit the 2 Episodes I have of Cathy's Crafts Platinum Edition. But I am letten you know now. That if I can't beat the Level 5 It maybe the first series I quite. 

because I followed all the tips and all and i can't seem to beat that level. it is the level when Cathy Returns after the Flower Festival. when she returns home after 2 weeks. it sux i am so close to beating the game i only have 20 levels left in the game but it seams that ..that Level is way to difficult for me. I have it on beginner and all. Oh well Atleast I tryed that level over 6 times. 

But Atleast I got these videos for you guys. but just to let you know ..its only gonna be 1 video a day. I need to relax and get some rest and get some freetime to meet people and talk to people on Secondlife. I really miss it and I miss hangin out with Mileena and one of our family members who hangout there.

I love being A YouTube Partner But there Comes A time when you realize you need a break for a social life. I don't go out in real life to meet people because I have trouble talken to people face to face. it is the samething Markiplier had issues with sorta of. But He grew out of it and I am proud of him.

I have it way easier talken to people behind a computer then in person. When It comes to 
business's I do better doing it through gaming and all. I have applyed for jobs over 3 years and I have had interviews but I dont get the jobs.

At this point I am given up on looken for a second job and just stay focused on my own business.Screw them ... if they dont want me then thats fine.

I will Continue to work for YouTube allthough i dont make nothing from them. But just look at it the way I am looken at it. I have gotten this far. I have 51 Family members on my channel and Youtube has given me partnership for a reason. Apparently all of you have seen a gift inside of me and I am glad you guys are there for me. THANK ALL OF YOU FOR BEING THERE FOR ME!!

Just to let you guys know I am going through A rough time with Depression for many Reasons.
1. is Because I miss my kids 2. is because I Still don't know if My mom has lukekima or cancer and we won't get her results until the end of this month.

3. My ex girlfriend changed herself into a guy ( i am tired of ex's bothern me with there issues)
She expected me to be happy for her when I am not. Why the f*ck would anyone do that to themselfs. she got her breasts tooken a way but still claims she is a lesbian? I agree with my mom she is f*cked up in her head if she thinks I am alright with that.

I am not againest Transgender People at all ...It is just the people who LIE to there Spouse of who they are or think they can change there thinking .My Ex Was a lier,cheater and so on. She still lies of actually what she did to me . She proclaims I Cheated on her in which I didn't .

She left me for another woman who was in her 40's and the night she did it I was on pain meds for neck or whatever it was at the time. She told me the reason why she left me was because I wasn't seeing her but 1 hour a day. Well I was also working from my computer and not only that she was ABUSIVE and I didn't want any part of her.

When her and I first met she cheated on her Girlfriend she had at the time to be with me. IN WHICH I DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT until after she told me. Which I felt bad for the girl. At the sametime I didn't want to be with her anymore because of that.

Anyways it is a long story but lets just put it this way She is not a girl you want to be with. I know you see alot of she and her But For Legality reasons she won't be named and she will remain Anonymous .

But anyways When I found that out I felt like a part of me died inside and then I felt like what the f*ck was I dating? Apparently Alls my exs in the past I have dated lied to me.

I have NOT HAD 1 DECENT RELATIONSHIP EVER! I know in alot of my gameplays I complain ,b*ch and boller about being single. not only that I share my life storys alot. Because
Gaming is therapy for me. it Heals me and it makes me feel better.

I dont have money to see my counsler so gaming is my therapy. I have done it for years with Music, games ,movies and such to help myself heal. It does work. But the problem is being around negative people.

So in a few months from now I am getten a new phone with a new number . I starting a new clean start. I did talk to my mom how i felt about my ex and she said that it was her lose and she was mentally nutts anyways. which i agree. but it just hurts to know someone you onced loved and was about to marry murdered there identity and who they were.

I am all for transgender people as along as they are not someone I have dated. I love draq queens , and transgender people. I have 2 people who I am friends with who are transgender .except 1 of them finally got to fullfill there dream of being a girl. they got the whole transformation and i am proud of my friend.

My one friend is still trying to get there where my other friend is but for him it isn't that simple.
Mainly because of money and all. I feel sorry for him .I really hope he gets his dreams soon.
Well Anyways I thought I would vent on what is all going on since i also vented in my video about it. it hasn't been released yet but you will see it in my gameplays as always.

The one thing I am proud of is I am GLAD I DIDN'T COME OUT WITH HER (MY EX GF). She always was trying to FORCE me to comeout when I didn't want to . I am just glad I came out when I did and thats not with her. All's I know Is For my Future Wife Out there where ever she is I just hope to find her one day.

Anyways Sorry for all the rambling and all. Just venting.

I am just going through A rough patch that I am sure I will get through. For those who comment alot on my Youtube page THANK YOU!!! you guys are what is keeping me going evenin the roughest times.

Anyways I am gonna go get something to eat and relax while this video Uploads. I LOVE YOU FAMILY AND I MISS YOU TONS!!!


♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely With Lots Of Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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