Thursday, July 20, 2017

๐ŸŽญ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ŸUDC Ep.3 When You Realize You Have Nobody 4K | DancingSouless UDC Files๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐ŸŽญ

My Eternal Battles become more Brutal Within.The Doors to my Heart Become impossible to keep locked up Forever and the Sadness begins to knock even louder then before.Restraining and Denying myself Love Are beginning to take it's toll on me.It won't be much longer before Acceptance will take place and I will have to face my Fears head on. Its Almost time and change is almost near. 

๐ŸŽญContents In This Video๐ŸŽญ:

1. Explanation of laying Down 
2. Rough Day & Eternal Battles
3. Issues With internet and Things going wrong
4. Feelings what I wanna do when things go Wrong
5. Being Upset Because
6. When you Notice you are all ALONE and have no one
7. Frustration at it's Worst
8. Fixing My Life
9. Pillow talk
10. Panicky and everyday work
11. I am Just 1 person and I am so frustrated
12. I Just Wanna Break
13. Things you dont see on camera
14. Therapeutic Video
15. Relating to Issues
16. Not So Interesting 
17. Safety Mechanism
18. Your my therapist
19. Connecting to people I normally wouldn't
20. Having A Really Bad Day&Just wanting someone to Curl up to
21. People Dont get What It is like to be Me
22. Tired Of Going through this
23. Backlogg videos soon to be seen in UDC
24. THANK YOU George McGee
25. Its Not So easy 
26. More Down Sides Then Upsides
27. Agitation Doing things By Myself
28. Tired of My EX Fiancee Bothern me
29. I dont Want nothing to do with my past
30. I need to be Happy
31. Times Like These I wish I had my Tommy
32. Breaken Down and Venting What I am missing
33. My Heart keeps Breaken No Matter how hard I try to mend It
35. Just wanting Officers to keep those bad guys away from me
36. My Flaws and Trying to Fixing them
37. Repeating the Past
38. Realizing the pain and fixing the issues
39. Moving Forward
40. Restraining Myself From Loven Others
41. Fillen myself with Love but being Stubborn
42. Frustrations at the broken parts of me
43. The Truth Behind my ex's prying on me and what they do
44. Helping myself psychologically by redecorating my place
45. Ex Fiancees Reason for Contacting me and what his motives are 
46. Ex Fiancee Threats To Destroying my happiness
47. Comparing my Ex husband and Ex fiancee and how Abusive they are
48. Not playen as the middle man anymore ::cutting my ties::
49. wanting to be in tommys arms
50. Just admitting what I feel for now on
51. The right person will be able to go through it 
52. Wishing someone was just there because 
53. Talken to self
54. Choosen A Nerdy Guy or A good Looken Guy And what I would pick
55.How I Keep Denying Myself Love
56. It Time To Come Out Of My Box
57. Being Alone So Long And Getting Use To The Silence
58. All I need Is just 1 person and thats it

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