Thursday, January 28, 2016

Little Did People know ...this is what I am mixed and Apart of Ethnic wise

Little Did people know on my YouTube Channel or Other places I am affiliated with that I am Mixed Ethnically.

This is what I am mixed with and Apart of German,Italian,Spanish,Irish,Dutch,Swedish,Scottish,Russian,Greek,cherokee indian, and latin

I see Alot of German People Watch my Channel and other places. Right Now I am trying to figure if I should add another Channel Specially for them So they can share The joy of my Channel or not.

But First I gotta figure Where my Channel is going. It has its up and downs. As for me I keep taken classes from (YouTube Academy) and Now Just Joined Pic Monkey Skillshare classes. Anyways I am still Evolving as a channel. Which that is another reason why I made the show project Evolve. It gives you tips but It also shows struggles of a beginning Youtuber. As for me I am still a beginner but I have been with YouTube Since Jan 2007. I became A YouTube Partner ON Nov 20th 2015. Ever since then I have been working even harder then ever .

ONE DAY alls things will fall into place perfectly until then I will work my a** off like no other .But even when I get there to the place where everything falls into place perfectly I will still be working harder then  ever even still then.

Anyways I gotta get back to work.



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