Sunday, January 3, 2016

Millions Of Red Crabs Cover Christmas Island During Migration


Well thats the first Time I have ever seen A migration for Crabs.I so WOULDN't want to be under that bridge though Yikes. But thats so cute. Christmas Island Adorable . Well I guess we know where Dark Sols Mutated KaiserKrab comes from. And there comming in armys Alright Pyra and Milo lets go kick some a*. reference to --> . Take a watch to see what i mean . *shakes head we better get our magic out and fighten gear. lol . But once again Great Video and I love this new information about Christmas Island . I love learning :D .

I saw this on Twitter then watched it ON Youtube and then got distracted by my thoughts of video games and landed up watching some gaming videos which was so worth it. I can't help it. I am having it so hard to focus on my editing today with my game videos. Sides if I watch some other videos it will relax my brain so i can think probley with my editing. My Editing can get quite difficult sometimes and way to much hard thinking.

I think way to much sometimes that it makes me fall asleep. I have been noted to do that. lol. My POOR Brain LOL. 



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