Friday, January 1, 2016

Nonsense with Dating Sites and What is going on in my life

I have been On dating Sites for years now. It seems like most dating sites think that by you paying their Subscription fee You will find your love of  your life or partner. Well that BS. I have been on alot of sites. Okcupid is one and that is free and I am also A moderator there. It is nice to being a moderator But i dont want to be there forever eaither. I Just want to find my soulmate. 

Zoosk Wants you to pay 29.95 Just for 1 month or more for lot more months. I have had 2 subscriptions with them  and each time I did find someone but they were NUTSS. So If you ask my opinion was it worh my money NO. is it affordable NO. Just today I finally had enough with them . I got so many messages there but I can't afford it eaither. And if you dont have a subscription with them you can't read your messages. Its horrible. I did contact them Via Twitter and they told me to email customer support. Well did it help no. this is what i was emailed back -> 

Thanks for contacting Zoosk! This is a courtesy auto-response to let you know your support request ( ) has been received.
Please review the following online resources for assistance:
Help/FAQ page:
Email support is reserved for Zoosk Subscribers and users with billing questions. While we are not able to guarantee email support for questions unrelated to Zoosk subscriptions or billing we will review your request and respond if the answer is not found in our Help pages. Requests will be reviewed in the order received.
This email was automatically generated. Please do not reply to this auto-response.
We appreciate your interest in Zoosk!
Zoosk Customer Support

Then later on i got this -->

Thank you for contacting Zoosk Customer Support.
We're glad you would like to become a Zoosk Subscriber. Every so often we offer special discounts and promotions to our Zooskers who are looking to become Subscribers. At this time we are offering 25% off the price of any Subscription. The discount also applies to all renewal charges!
To benefit from this promotion, enter the following Coupon Code on your purchase page: 
Please be sure to only use Coupon Codes offered directly by Zoosk. Also please note that Coupon Codes are valid for credit card payments only.
We appreciate your interest and we look forward to you becoming a Subscriber.
Have fun using Zoosk!

I cut the name out of the customer support person due to privacy and i dont need to get into trouble. So but anyways I just got this message 5:04pm. When I already deactivated my account at 3:50pm.  There a little to late and still that wouldn't have helped me.

Its like the saying GOES MONEY CAN'T BUY LOVE.

I Highly Dont Recommend Zoosk all together. They Dont care about their customers. if they did then why is there always complaints about them on other sites or a list of complant in the google play app area
Where people call them a scam and so on.  

PinkCupid cost $10.00 For a membership every month. that is Affordable but I swore not to ever go back to them because the fact it even cost money. But to be honest Okcupid is free and that isn't much better.

To be honest it is all about the companys and the people put together if it makes a good site or not.  Cost has alot to do with most. If you pay money you expect alot for it Exspecially Now Adays since People are maken anything at minimum Wage.  Hell i am a  entrepreneur so that is alot of work just for the money i make.Which is barly because I am in the very beginning stages . For every entrepreneur it is hard. So i Expect alot out of my money i get. I dont like be cheated or scammed.

Thank gawd for blogs. I have been waiting so long to have my own blog but i was scared. But finally I had enough and now here i am. Venting and feeling much better about it. I am currently Under alot of stress. I am working my a** off. I am fighten for custody of My son . I miss him so much . :( . I just want my son to come home.  there alot to this court case which i will explain later. I am trying to fix my car little by little. Which has alot to get done on it . i just got back my car a few months back after My ex fiancee Got arrested . Go figure it took him to get arrested to get my car back Which is BS. Well i got it all fixed now. i got full Ownership on it .before it was co-ownership. 

My Mother is currently Going through A rough time. I broke down in tears when I found out my mom wasn't doing well. Thank Gawd it wasn't to bad though. i was very worried. Because First they said she had heart issues and i was so sad because I am very close to my mom Although we argue like sisters.

Later on when the test came back we found out it wasn't that bad. it was just high blood pressure, High cholesterol, No vitamin d, and Her thyroid wasn't working at all again. It is still bad but I am glad it wasn't her heart. She is on meds now to fix all that. So i am glad she is getten better.

My Dad has heart problems,Breathen issues , Cholesterol issues and so on. But he is on meds and he is fine and still working hard as ever.

I am just glad that there issues are fixable. Eaither wise i would be upset.  Last year was just not my year when it came to family issues. One Few good things did happen like for one I became A youtube Partner on Nov 2oth and i got to go to Youtube bootcamp which i plan to go back to again. Those were recently ones i can remember.  Going through alot so my mind is cloudly. But i will be okay.I will just go play some videos games, listent to music and work on my business's and try even harder to get better at things. I am trying to hard to become independent. 

I like to someday financially be stable and be able to support myself. I will get there and i ain't given up.
Speak of financially I finally got to get my own bankcard finally. I was so happy. now i got my own bank account. I have a banker who is trying to help me become more financially Independent. He is a great accountant. i am glad i choose that bank .  I am so glad that there are still people out there that still genuinely want to help people get better. Sometimes I wonder sometimes.  I hope things get better soon. I really do. 

I know for one thing and i will admit it. I hate being alone and i am tired of being single.Thats why i am on dating sites is to find someone who will accept all of me and my situation. I have stopped looken. But sometimes i do get curious is someone is looken for me .  Maybe One Day It will happen but for now i am gonna try to rest on it. I know for one thing i aint looken forward to Valentines day which is just around the corner :( . Da*n Hearts and .... well i will stop there. Anyways i am gonna get going.

Well thats that for now. I will blog more laters.

for now  sincerely 


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