Friday, January 8, 2016

So many things in productions and my businesses as we speak

Work and work And MORE WORK :D. These are the list of things that are going on as we speak in my productions and businesses.Here are the List's with some information to help:


Darkness Falls episode 2 is in production right now
Mysterys Of The Dark Love Remake of Episodes 1 &2 are currently underway in production
Mysterys Of The Dark Love Episode 3 Has started its production  as of right now

Evolve is in Post production.

Bank "First National Bank Scene" Episode one (in Pre-Production)
Dark and Stormy Night Episode one  (In Pre- Production)
Return Of The Old Flame Episode one (In Pre-Production)
ShipWrecked at sea Episode one(In Pre-Production)

DancingSouless Jewelry Line is underway as we speak.

I have alot of work to do but I am hanging in there. It seems these next few weeks are gonna be more intense then most. But thats alright I am so excited and ready for it :D

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