Thursday, January 7, 2016

Something disturbing I saw on Jacksepticeyes channel

Today when i was Checken up on all my creators that I like to watch I saw a disturbing video and I really Didn't like it at all. It was even worser the the game Happy Wheels. It was a game called whos your daddy?.

From the few secs I watched of it  (Mainly because I skipped parts of it mostly) It was about 2 players playen a game .... *cringes*  The objective of the game from what i saw when Jacksepticeye and pewdiepie were playen was a game that a dad had to hurt the kid to win or the baby had to hurt itself to win.

I don't like this game at all or approve of it Especially with all the Child Abuse and all the bad stuff happening in this world. To be honest I really think that it needs to be investigated . I know that to all it is just a game but there is no telling what the players have in there heads while playen this and if they actually themselves do that to there children. it raises a red flag in my book.

I know from what i saw I dont think Jacksepticeye or Pewdiepie would ever hurt a child. I am not saying they would. i am saying other people who play this game we don't know there intentions and such.

I am a parent with kids. So to me it disturbed me seeing this game. sometimes I wonder what the game developers were thinking. It scares me to sometimes to think what type of world we are in.  I know alot of games are meant for mature audiences .I am not saying games promote any bad stuff .

I know from watching the news alot that most people try to blames music, games and movies for alot of stuff that they do .It isn't right at all. because when someone does something and it is intentional  they have a choice to act on it or not . If they choose to act on it then they are reliable for there own consequences.

I know from what I saw a alot on tv with court cases they try to plee insanity. We all know that they only trying to plee that because they know without a doubt there screwed and going to jail. It is the prosecutors Compelling evidence and there Doctors to prove that there sane and knew what they were doing at the time they did what they did.  Most cases they don't get the insanity plee Unless there side has a compelling Argument with substantial Evidence that in fact they are insane.

In which most cases the Defendant would be Sentence to a physiatric Mental Ward to help them with there condition and most likly will be there indefinitely by Per Judges Orders.

I have watched alot of court tv  and other shows, Read alot in the law Library and self educated myself  and also been in the court room alot and watched other cases and to see what happend .

I at one point in my life wanted to become a lawyer. I am still entertaining the thought of being a lawyer still. But before i can move forward I need to work my a** off on what i am doing now  with game developing and youtube and such.  I want to focus on my passion of my creativity . Something I haven't ever got to do but now I am doing so.

No matter what I will still self educate myself on alot of things. I do love learning and I love learning new things. I am like a informational sponge . I soak up information . I also learn from documentarys and educational  films ,books and such.

I will always have time to go back to school sooner or later but for now I am focusing on being an entrepreneur Which is a job itself and it is self rewarding and also hard work.

This is the definition from a dictionary on what Entrepreneur means -->

entrepreneur- a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

So this is what it means and that is what i am. I plan to work my a** off and I ain't giving up on my dream of being financially independent. Everyone starts somewhere and this is where i start :D

I am not going to be something i am not Just because the world thinks so. I am not a robot not someone you can control. I am me and I am proud of being me. No one or anyone is gonna change that.

Its like the saying goes -> You can't change somebody unless they want to themselves.

Anyways I thought I Would let you guys know a little bit more about me and what i saw that was disturbing.
But besides all that I got my internet fixed finally and I am happy about it .

So everything should go back to normal soon.



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