Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trying to sleep and mind won't be quite and go to bed LOL

Well I was trying to maybe go to bed early (meaning 5am) But my body was like hell no you are Staying on your 8am to 5pm Sleep Schedule. I swear this happends all the time As soon as it hits Wednesday Night then after that it likes A rollThercoaster. Which is fine with me Because Number 1 I am by myself and I only have to take care of myself right now Until my Son gets home.

So there for I can work around the clock if I would like and so on. My body Always puts up a fight with me It doesn't ever like to listen. I have been this way since I was a Newborn. I would stay up all night and when daylight Hit I would sleep. Samething thing when I was a kid and growing up. Man did the teachers in school hate my parents.

Mainly because I would fall asleep in school Quite often and Then my teacher would talk to my parents about putten me to bed early. But that didn't ever work because I would go to bed early and jump up and down on my bed all night or Play with my Barbie Dolls. When I would hear my parents comming Down the Hall way I would run and hide under my covers and pretend I was sleeping. Well It worked.

Then when they left I would get back up and starting Playen with my barbie dolls again. then get bored then I would play with my matchbox Cars a.k.a Hotwheels Cars. I loved playen with them.

Nightfall was always fun for me . I have not ever understood daylight and what was so fun about it. Nothing that I could see of was fun during the day.

Oh I could tell you OOOOH SO many stories About what I did at nightfall Growing up. Which I will Little by little :D

Can't tell you everything or it would not be so much fun.

Well Anyways I have another Announcement to make. Today I am releasing my VLOGS now on Youtube.
So besides me blogging I will also be vlogging.  There is a difference though. All my thoughts and so on are here. My Vlogs you will be able to see what I do certain days. So I will always be here blogging. This is my nice happy home of blogging :D

Well Anyways Gonna finishing editing my First Vlog. It will be uploaded today :D . So be sure to take a look at it. Just a little 411 before anything else ... you remember when I said I couldn't sleep well .. you will see what I mean on the vlog .  My hair looked messed up from tossing and turning lol.

Anyways... I am gonna get going so I can go edit and Start the uploading Process.



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