Saturday, January 9, 2016

When It Rains ,Work and Wondering Thoughts of being loved

Well Today It is raining here and I love when it rains. I just love watching it fall and the way it looks.
At the sametime  I can't just keep watching it fall while I work Or I won't ever get it done.

When I see rain it is so hypnotizing. The sounds so lulling Anyone to sleep. It is so just soothen and relaxing.
The only thing I dont like is when it is cold and raining. I Like it when Rains... you know like it was a hot summer day and then it rains and it justs so ... I dont know. I just love how my mind wonders sometimes. When you can just  look at rain and daydream of well... for me being happy with thee one . Just holden eachother and looken out the window . Knowing we love eachother and that we have eachother forever. Its something I think about quite often when it rains .  One day I will find my thee one and I will be happy.

Until then I can daydream and wonder what it would be like. Basically dreaming is the closest  I can get to any true happyiness in my life. With all the ruckus and all i am going through. I am happy when I am creating my projects. I am happy to hear people just be happy and see them smile.

I am very content when others are happy. I tend to think of others happiness before my own. But what is important to me is to see them smile ,laugh and to be happy. I am the type of person even though I am sad inside I just want others to be happy if I can't.

The bested Gift to give when in Sadness is the gift of Happiness. I give my Happiness to others in return to see others happy. It what is called a "equivalent exchange". To see them happy is what makes me fulfilled in life. I know I don't make everyone happy but I am not out to please everyone eaither.

Like the saying goes " You can't make everyone happy".

Sometimes I wonder ... Just wonder where things are going in my life but we all wonder.

Like the saying goes " Life is full of uncertainty "

I tend to remember alots of quotes and live by many .At least the quotes I believe in that is.
Well anyways I am in production and editing phase with Darkness Falls Episode 2. it is going great!
I also feel sleepy from the rain too. LOL ROFL .

Thats one thing it can do to anyone is put them to sleep since rain is so soothen sound to listen to and watch.
Its almost like mother nature meant it to do that. So we can relax and enjoy the pleasures Of relaxation.
I just love rain and the scent you can smell just before it is gonna rain and after. Its like a fresh new beginning has started when it rains.

Well I am gonna get back to work. I so enjoyed Blogging like I always do. I love blogging. :D
I also Feel so content when I blog.



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