Thursday, March 31, 2016

PHASE part 2 of Episode 7 Secondlife (Not TITLED yet) NEW INFORMATION!!!

As of Tonight I will be in the production part2 phase for Episode 7 Secondlife.  Hopefully tonight i can finish and release it before Saturday . In this episode i got 2 more guest stars from another video game. I am so excited because it is from another one of my favorite games i played as i grew up. I thought it would be awesome to add them to the story line from Episode 6 . Alice will make another Appearance in Episode 7. Make SURE YOU WATCH The WHOLE Episode OF 6 So you can see what i am talken about when it comes to Alice.

Watching episode 6 to the fullest is important because it ties in with Episode 7.

Anyways I Thought I would give you some information about what is going on. Well gonna head to bed then when I wake up I am back to work and filming again .




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