Wednesday, May 25, 2016

in 5 minutes we will be in recording !!!


We will be in recording in 5 minutes for Sacra Terra - Kiss of Death Platinum Edition.
So we are almost ready to start the recording process. It will be an 1 hour game play.
Who knows if it will be over an hour . you don't ever know until afterwards . LOL

I always lose track of time . lol . Which is a good thing. you guys make me so happy. So
when I play these games I lose track of time having fun with you guys . :D

Anyways Getten ready with wardrobe and all. :D Gotta look My BEST AS ALWAYS For my FAMILY.
If i can get this done quick enough and uploaded I am gonna try to do 2 gameplays in one night. But if i can't then there is always tomorrow to try again :D.

I am gonna try to start recording Earlier so i can get a Few Game Plays in A day. Thought I would let you know what i was up to and  our plans :D .




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