Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lost in Love and wondering Thoughts

Well I got so lost in the moments in the game play I forgot what time it was and I did alot of recording.
This Game play is 1 hour and 57 Minutes Long.But I am happy about it . i had so much fun and I opened up about so much about myself with in the story that was unfolden in the game. I so love this Game and I can't wait to play more of it .

If anything this game is maken me more stronger in life and maken me more open then before. I am so happy for haven these types of games. I am so happy to have my family ( which is  you guys) which is growing each day. I feel like I am actually home and wanted and loved for once. I don't feel alone anymore. I am glad .

Anyways I am in editing right now with the first episode of Sacra Terra - Kiss of Death Platinum Edition.
In this episode I really opened up more about me and my views of others I have seen struggle like me.

I so hope you love this gameplay as much as i do. Just make sure you got your favorite Blanket ,pillow ,snacks and drinks. Cuddle up to your computer ,phone ,tv , tablet or whatever you are viewing this on and relax and Enjoy the show or I should say movie at this point :D .

3 hours and 23 minutes of part 1 rendering phase time left for this episode before it heads
 to rendering part 2.

I Love You Guys And Miss You!!!




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