Thursday, May 19, 2016

TIRED ,Resting, and Videos

Well I have been Constantly been knocked out by the meds I am taken for my back and neck pain.
I slept 16 hour then got up not even an hour. Took my meds again and was knocked out for another 4hours.
At this point you might as well call me Sleeping Beauty.

I am very lucky I am up now . But Anyways I got done the Editing for Enforcer Video.
So Right now It is in rendering phase 1 . It is gonna take 2 hours to render . The Video is
1 hour and 15 minutes Long. I so hope you guys Enjoy it when it is released later Today.
Just Be On A look Out For It .

Anyways I am gonna rest some more while it is in rendering phase part 1.
Thought I would let you guys know and let you know how  I am doing.




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