Thursday, May 19, 2016

Video is now UPLOADING !

Well Once Again I fell Asleep During the Rendering .then I got up took my meds and was knocked out again. But by the third time I woke up i went got a shower and everything else. I had to keep looken
at my calendar to know what day it was I was so confused.

I tell you one thing I feel Like Alice In Wonderland Constantly even with of without meds.I have
Been Taken my meds like I am suppose to. I just want to get to freaken May 21st so i can get back to work. As soon as midnight of the 21st Hits I am working on Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever Platinum Edition. I have been wanting to do it now but I can't because I have to rest and it was doctors orders.

So i am followen my doctors orders.

Anyways Enforcer  Let's Get Frisky part.5   Is uploading right now . it is gonna take  145 minutes before it is ready to publish . So I thought I would let you guys know.




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