Sunday, May 15, 2016

Working ON 3 Videos at a time this time!!

Well Guys Tonight I will be recording  These Followen Videos :

1.Dark Parables - The Final Cinderella Platinum Edition
2.Enforcer Police Crime Action
3.Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever Platinum Edition

So you know what that means ALOT OF RENDERING TIME . So I Just Wanted to let you guys know Ahead of time . IN 10 MINUTES I will Start recording the first one and so on.  It should take 3 hours for all game plays. then Rendering will take more then that.

You know how that is . I decided to do Another 1 hour Game Plays again. Which will count for 2 videos in 1 sort of speech. So since there are 3 videos it accounts for 6 days if you divide it into 30 minutes incriminates. But that doesnt mean a thing because I will still be releasing videos but other types . Means New game Play videos. Yes THATS RIGHT NEW GAME PLAYS NEW GAMES !!! :D .

So my spoiled family that I love so much This is a gift from me to you. Just be patient and Wait for there releases. I will keep you posted.  Like I always do  ♥♥♥♥♥♥




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