Sunday, May 15, 2016


Alright FAMILY *HUGGIES* I said I would keep you guys updated about what is going on with
the uploading and videos Process. Ok So this is what is going on Right now As of This Very Moment.

Last Night I recorded 1 hour and 30 minutes of  {Dark Parables - The Final Cinderella Platinum Edition}
Then i took a break and when you see the video you will understand why. Nothing really bad guys. So no worries it is just I broke down crying at one point in the game . And yes you see it . But It is like I said guys
On our channel I am not sugar coating anything. All of what I SHOW is real and to the point.

I believe in Showing you the real me.  I am still going through a lot of things in my
Real life .so it is difficult.There will be times in a game When I connect with a story or person in the game that is like apart of me.(Or it Brings Flash Backs Of Situations I have been Through) I do this alot with movies too. I am a very Sensitive Person and also emotional. But that is me. I love I care I breathe I am a human being. I am a real person With Real person.

I am not robot. I am not a person who is a follower. I am more of a leader. But Although
I Maybe a Leader it doesn't mean I am Perfect. It means I have flaws and imperfections too
Like everyone does.  You Guys are my family. I Love you guys and Miss you guys. I know
that you may not be my biological family  But to me you are.

You Guys are very Important to me . Just Like I am to you. At least I hope. Sorry for Self Doubt.
I have alot of Self Doubt in myself. Been through alot of Hardships and I am still trying to heal and power
through them all. It isn't easy but I am still moving forward.

Anyways I got up this Somorning And began Editing again Then once again cryed at the same part
where I did last night in the game. The Thing is when I edit my videos I always Watched them 100%
Through Before Rendering . I always wanna make sure it is as perfect as I can get it .

Ofcourse I am okay now. I did power through it. I was alot better then last night crying spell. So I know
I handled it well. Anyways after Editing I recorded a little more for it .

So {Dark Parables - The Final Cinderella Platinum Edition} will be about Almost 2 hours Long. It will be approximation 1 hour and almost 50 minutes. I am not sure how exact until it is uploaded. But I know
it is close to 2 hours.

 I plan tonight to finish the game after { Family ,Tears and HeartAch Ep.3} A.k.A game is {Dark Parables - The Final Cinderella Platinum Edition} is uploaded. Then I will Upload the finally tonight and then work on my other 1 hour long game plays such as : ---->

1.Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever Platinum Edition
2.Enforcer Police Crime Action

GAME TITLES WILL BE RELEASED ON THE New Gameplays as Soon as the Othere ones
are uploaded and done.  So After I do the 1 hour gameplays with Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever Platinum Edition, and Enforcer Police Crime Action Then I will release the names of them :D

I so Hope you Guys Enjoy the Games I play and the One's to come. I work very hard on them
all. At the  SameTime I am working very hard in my Real life with my Issues and problems.
Things will get better. I just gotta work even harder.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING HERE FOR ME !! I really appreciate it . You Guys Mean
the world to me. I love you guys and miss you.

Right now { Family ,Tears and HeartAch Ep.3 } Is in part 1 phase of Rendering .because it is such a large file it is gonna take Almost 3 hours To render in phase one.  While I have been writing you to you guys in this blog It has been rendering . so far it has been rendering for 44 minutes. And it has 2 hours and 55 minutes left to go before second phase of rendering.

I will keep you guys posted about the stages as we progress. But Just to let you know ahead of time I maybe become a little silent once it hits Uploading. Because while it is uploading I am gonna be editing thumbnails and such. So will be working on others things as well.

Like The Saying goes "if you got time to lean you got time to clean" . LOL that goes for us gamers too :D

Anyways back to work I go.




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