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DancingSouless Family Story : The Night of Bubbly mansion :D ( Special Shout out to all Family members) Take a read♥♥♥♥♥♥



It is story time of our family :D

Well like I was saying Earlier I got lost in our home and And Kevin Smith Found me in the Laundry Room.
Not to mention he Caught me red handed playing with the bubble blaster maken the laundry room look like someone was take a huge bubble bath. Don't ask me how I did it but it worked. All's I know is i poured some Mr.Bubbles in the Hot Tub and before you know it we had a hug Bubble situation going on. it was like mickey mouse all over again with being an apprentice . Well Kevin Smith Thought It was an awesome Idea to go Ice skating on bubbles. well I grabbed his Hands and held on to him and we spinned ROUND AND ROUND UNTIL WE GOT DITZY. Shortly Later Our HouseKeepers Came in and were haven A hissy fit about the bubbles. Well.... We Ignored them and still had fun. 5 minutes later my hands Started to get Slippery from the bubbles and I almost lost my grip on Kevins hands. 

Well behold I lost my Grip and I skidded across the room and ended up knocking Sebastiaan van Waardenberg into the hot tub of bubbles. Boy it was a big SPLASH!!!!

Luc Bloom thought it was Hilarious and began to make even more bubbles to make it even more complicated. before you knew it the whole room was like a bubble party. 

Roburrito Gave me a standing ovation as I came with in inchs of almost fallen in the HotTub. I look at him and was laughing my a** off because I knew this wasn't gonna even well for any of us since the Butler was in a hurry to stop the bubbles. 

Shortly after Sandro Cavaleiro came in after hearing all the Ruckus and wondered as if what the hell happen to started all of this .boy was she surprised when she saw a room full of bubbles. 

Steve L Risario and Radi Georgiev decided to AMP up the Bubbly party By Turning on Loud Dance Music
and turning on some Night Club Lights on. Before you knew it Me being lost wasn't  an issue anymore the whole issue was who was gonna clean up the bubble mess after the bubble party .LOL

Ruud Havenith  took one look in and decided there was no way he was gonna get involved in this whole situation so instead he pulled up a chair and a had a nice glass of wine and watched the whole party.

Carla Renata Da Silva Santos Began to do her Salsa Dancing while steven david Did his famous Dance moves on the dance floor. At this point the whole family made it a big ULTIMATE NIGHTCLUB EXPERIENCE .

Kids Game TV Brought Sodas,snacks and party Favors for everyone and hunderwood19 Brought all of us some Jello Shots and Awesome mixed drinks.

Meanwhile Kids Game TV Made sure there was a nice safe place for all of our kids in our family. So Akasha Pimentel was Relaxing in the Kid area with all ths kids playen Video games, and haven a slumber party with her friends.

Iron Cinema was Filming all of our shenanigans to put on a video for us later so we could watch it as a family night movie. steven muskrato Thought it would be funny by Throwing a water ballon at me and getten me soaked . I looked straight back at him and picked up a water ballon from the basket that Adolf Hitler Brought in so we could have a WaterBallon War.

As if it wasn't messy enough we made it even more messy then before. Before you know it ... it was running down the hallways. it was like Snowing in our own home with bubbles. There was bubble everywhere. At this point the Housekeepers gave up cleaning the mess we were Maken and joined in with us . 

Second Life Borealis , АНЯ И ВАНЯ , and pixie1doll  Decided to pass out all of our neon Necklaces ,bracelets and kiss me I am irish Blinky clovers out to make it even more funnier.

We for one thing you couldnt miss anyone Sliding down the hall way on a sled. As to where the sled came from I haven't a clue but I know Carlos Landor is the one who had the perfect idea to slide down the stairs with it .  

At one point Sabrena Marlin Slipped on her butt and did a a nice bumpy ride down the other set of stairs and landed in the pool. Luckly she was alright. The Butler made sure she was okay. come to find out Sabrena Marlin was laughing the whole time . 

I guess somethings gotta be funny. LOL . 

With the whole house turning into a bubble factory Mighty Mike Midget Murga , Mal Burns ,  RichardKP 
Decided that it would be funny to Get into some goKarts and do wheelies in our front yard and then start a race around the mansion Grounds. 

So now we had a Night Club bubble party inside  and on the outside we had races going on. 

Dynamic videos, Jose Carranza, and Benny46drift  At this time was upstairs in there rooms doing vlogs for there daily views. as they were getten ready for big Film Project The Next day. 

nstrunks and YO were watching manga, and anime in our Movie room.
monamona30 and Lckygrl Sims Were playen there sims games doing the 100 baby challenge with there sims. 

2Xintheface and OaklynTv were sitting Down in the Dinning room eatten a exquisite  meal that chef Ramsey made himself. 

So in the very end of this day it was one giant party that began NOT A KISS FROM KAY Jewelers but Me getten lost in our own home . So If I ever get lost again .... We all know what is gonna happen it is just gonna be one BIG PARTY!!!! lol . Vulcano Mermelade always told me to becareful and look what happend. we had a big party and he sat back and watched it all go down without a hitch. LOL

Not to mention Sebastiaan van Waardenberg did end up soaked the rest of the night. To the point I had to get him some new clean and dry Clothes. which was fine but then our next adventure begain. LOL

Find out Next time on  what happends in our family :D

I hope you enjoyed our family story. I love you sweethearts with all my heart. I miss you tons.


♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely WITH LOTS OF LOVE♥♥♥♥♥♥

          ♥♥♥♥♥♥  DancingSouless♥♥♥♥♥♥

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