Tuesday, June 7, 2016

TODAY IS THE GRAND FINALE OF Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal Platinum Edition Sweethearts♥♥♥♥♥♥



Well Today is the day we cry our hearts as we say goodbye to the series { Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal Platinum Edition} . I am still crying even after I just finished our Finaley Video .  But IS IT THE FINAL VIDEO OF Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal Platinum Edition ? no IT Isn't Because I won't say goodbye to
that series at all. So I got something up my sleeves. But you have to watch this Episode to find out.

I am happy to know that it isnt the end of this whole series because apparently there maken more. but I still feel sad because I MISS THEM ALREADY.  Yes I got very connected to OLLIE AND ALLISON AND LISA AND ALL OF THEM. I feel heartbroken and lost without them. Also now since i found out about Something more about Allison I think ... matter in fact I know I am gonna be a crying mess in the new series find out why by watching this Episode. I explain everything.

You Guys will love it!!! Just be aware I really get hammered with a crying spell in this one.Not only that I went through a grief Process and an Anger Spell With one of the Doctors. I literally yelled at my computer really letten the one doctor have it. Find out who it was by watching. This Episode is very heart wrenching . It really hit hard on me in this last part. Well Anyways I am headed to Expedite the Editing Process in the new editing program. I feel this one needs the Expedite treatment. So There may not be any credits at the end.

I will still leave all the links and everything Like I always do in the Description section.I will keep you posted on the Rendering process and all.

I love you with all my heart Family . I Miss you guys alot.



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