Monday, June 6, 2016

Working and Searching Updated News Sweethearts ♥♥♥♥♥♥



Well Today is a layed back day. It is Raining Outside and I am Searching for Additional
Games On top of the ones I have ready for the New Cycle of New Game Plays. 2 Games
in the New Game Cycle is from GameHouse. The Rest are from Big Fish and Steam.

Looks Like in this New Batch of Games I will be playen from Big Fish and Steam Mostly .It seems only 2 out of 7 are from gamehouse.  the 3rd one is from GameHouse as well but I am gonna finish that series this week.

I am still looken through my roster of games from gamehouse but none so far are maken me wanna jump and play.I will continue to look through the games. I know they gotta have some awesome games left.
I ain't give up on finding games from them I know they are a great company. I am just a very picky

With my games I need to fully immerse and be able to connect to the game in a different way.
I know it sounds weird but if you watch the games I play you can sorta understand.Not all the games
I usually play are on my channel because number one I don't have the consoles I like or the games I like
to play on those consoles. It all cycles back to money issue. If i had the money I would buy the consoles
and the games i love so much again. then i would do videos of them.

I am trying to figure away to do it. but it may take a while. :( . So until then I gotta cope with what
I have and be happy that the fact I even have games to play. It is better to have games then to have none
at all. One thing I have learned in life is to be happy what you have not what you don't have. It is a
constant struggle battle because I wanna do so much more but I know I don't have the budget to do
so.It is so Frustrating .

But Like I said I am very lucky to have what I have . So I am grateful and thankful for that much.
Like they Say Patience come good things. So I will be Patient.  *smiles*

All and All  I got some great new gameplays comming your way and I also will be heading back to doing more Second life movies again and SIMS 3 Movies as well. Eaither way you will always have content from me.As For Tonight I am working On The Grand finale of  { Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal Platinum Edition} and  { Sacra Terra - Kiss of Death Platinum Edition} . I Also will be working on the New Game Plays as well.  I am so sad to see 2 great games come to a close . I am gonna miss playen them.  I love my games. I Just hope Game House Comes Out with more great games like the ones I am about to finish.

Excited to play the games but sad to see them end . Meaning Finishing them . I feel so incomplete when I beat them.  The only way I feel complete is if i know there is gonna be more games like them or Sequels or trilogys or more to them. Being Honest as a gamer. I love my games. They make me happy. Just like you guys do.

You guys are my family and  my games are what make me happy because that is all that I have. My life is incomplete without my kids . I feel lost without them. Even when i had them I felt lost... I have been feeling lost for awhile now. The Reason why i felt lost even when I had them was ... it wasn't them it was who I was with (Meaning who I was dating at the time) . If I could have the right person to be with , my kids back and haven you guys as my family and my games I would be complete.

I know I have to wait for My kids return and I am willen to wait for them. I just know when I do see them
and I mean all of them together I will be happy. The only problem is I won't want to let them go or out fo my sight again. Who could blame me I miss them alot. I am still hurting inside from them being gone as long as they have been now. I miss my kids alot and i love them with all my heart. I hate Being away from them.

One Thing I said to my lawyer and he agrees with me is this --> I didn't have kids to just have them taken away.I had's kids to take care of them and love them and do what moms do best. I hate that I have been chipped of that with them. All Because Of the System Of Florida Being F*cken Broken and all they care about is the Rich Bastards that seem to be killen us Little people.

Now I Gotta start my life all over again and it SUX alot.  I know I did what was best for them But I miss them alot and It hurts so much inside . I feel so empty inside . I feel like my heart has been ripped out . I miss my kids alot!

I hate Snobs. I Hate people who think they are better then others Because in all reality THEY ARE NOT BETTER THEN US. It takes all of us to make them Rich. So they might wanna think about that. WITHOUT US THERE WOULD BE NO THEM. remember that rich bastards. Without us poor people
there wouldn't be you guys.

We work for the rich people to keep them alive  (Meaning money wise). If all of the poor people stopped working the rich would get poor eventually . They would suffer like we do. Not All rich people are bad but 99.9 % of them are bad . you are luckly if you even get 1 % out of them to be good.

Bill Gates in my eyes is a sweetheart and a loven generous person. Believe it or not that is the only one I can think off the top of my head who is rich and thinks about others besides himself.

Kathey Griffin Is Another Sweetheart who is supportive of us LGBTQ People and who is with us on the fight of Equality.  I really like her because she tell you what she really thinks and is very blunt like me.

Larry The Cable Guy IS  A great guy in my book. Has a great sense of humor and doesn't take much to please him. Being a redneck isn't such a bad thing. If anything I named my one son (Mater) after his Character in cars. Mater my son is a Sweetheart Just like the character. A very Loven ,given and gentle soul who is out to please people . Who is even willen to give his own shirt off his back.  I know I haven't see Mater for ... years since the first court battle But I believe that he would be that type of person because I know I raised my kids well.

I may not have alot of money and maybe looked as a redneck in certain ways But who gives a d*mn .I am happy with what i have. If i ever was to be rich I would still help those who needed the help Because I belief that helping those who are need in help would be more grateful then the ones who don't give a d*mn.

I feel fulfilled in helping the Needy people and the underprivileged Because I know how it feels to be it and still be there. Although I am way below Poverty Level I still help those who need help. my mom taught me to be that way. If I have something that someone else needs like for example { IF I had alot of food and I had double of the stuff I would give half to whoever needed it Just to help them so they wouldn't be hungry}.

I have starved before. So I know how it is. It isnt good. So I don't want anyone to go through what I have been through.Thats why when I can I donate to Salvation Army . I Volunteer when (my car aint broken down ) at Give kids the world. I wanna go back to doing that I miss the kids and familys there.

There are some other names I haven't mentioned who are rich and are nice. But I would be writing a book at this point the way I am going with this venting i am doing. LOL .

 Anyways..... I Think thats another reason why I call myself DancingSouless. Because I feel like I am a lost and I am soul searching for my completion. My name stands for alot of things. One thing about me is one word can meaning ALOT OF THINGS. There is not ever just one meaning.

Well Anyways I am gonna get back to work. I am sorry if i ranted or vented to long but this is me.
I am one person who is just a peanut Trying to make my way through life and trying to cope with
what hand I was dealt with. I have no Counselor anymore and haven't for a long time now. so this
is where I am venting . This is my way of coping. It is a good way in my book and healthy manner like my
old counselor would say. I dont care what others think about it. because what matters is what I think about it.

Everyone is different and vents and do things differently. Everyone is unique in there own way and that
is what makes us special.  Being the same is like a robot And I don't want to be a Robot I Just wanna be
myself and happy with who I am . Not what I am not.  Leave it to the robots to be robots.

I am so thankful for my lawyer being there for me and still is. He is my Jimmy Cricket. I am glad I have his
guidance because Eaither wise I would be even more lost then before. I am also Thankful for haven you guys as my family. You guys mean the world to me. I feel as if you complete a different side of me. So thank you for being here for me and believing in me.

I Love You With all my heart Sweethearts.♥♥♥♥♥♥
I Miss You Bunchs.♥♥♥♥♥♥




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