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Welcome HOME 55th Glamour FAMILY SWEETHEART MEMBER!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Party At Your BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!

HELLO FAMILY!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥



** Just To Let you know To all Family Members All Of Our Storys Connect to one another***

*walks along the beach and up to our home and notices we just had another family Member Arrived
as I was walken our Other sweetheart to there home. Walks up to our Newest Family member who just arrived and waves*

HI Sweety!!! When did you get in ? *looks at you smiling and gives you a great big welcome huggie and kiss
on the cheek* Well I am so sorry I wasn't here when you arrived. I am sure Jimmy Kept you company *looks at Jimmy and see's him shaken his head yes while a great big smile*  Well thank you Jimmy I do Appreciate it. It was a long walk. *smiles at our newest family member and takes your luggage* Well Sweetheart Lets be going to Your new Home Thats has been waiting for you.  *guides you outdoors and begins to walk towards the beach *looks at you* You may want to take your shoes off. the beach can get sand in your shoes or you may have trouble walken in them. *smiles and points to sand in your shoe already*

*Helps you over to a nice Beach chair By The beach so you can get your shoes off and all that
sand out*  I know how it feels I have had that happen to me plenty of times. Just take your
Time No need to rush Sweety. We have all the time in the world to get to your new 
Family Home with us *smiles at you while the sunsets glistens on the beach waves*

*looks over and sees Jimmy comming with 2 Tropical Drinks for us
To sip while we watch the sunset*
Isn't This Beautiful? I so love our home. it is huge and everyone has there 
own place and spot in our family. I Love this!*beach waves fill the air while Beach
Music begins to play  ( Lou Bega and song is Beauty On The Tv-screen) --> Link
to listen to while we go on our journey ( )

*looks over and sees you smiling and happy while being content* You know *Looks at you If you 
Love the beach so much we have a house not to far from where we are that would so Fit you *smiles*
It is huge and it has its own pool and everything. All of our homes comes with pool. We make sure of it
This one is special It is a Beach house Slash Club House. Meaning basically it is a Beach house
But it gives you also a Nightclub experience. *smiles* 

*motions Jimmy to take our drinks and follow us to our family home. Jimmy Polity takes Our Drinks.I help 
you up because your foot is stuck in the sand begins to giggle uncontrollably and looks at you* How did you
get your Foot Stuck? *giggles* Its alright not to worry I got ya *smiles and looks at you* Just do me a favor Don't let Jimmy get near a canoe *smiles* Last time I did he We got lost in the middle of the Ocean had to have Our Coast guard come and get us. Which was only about 1 mile away from us *giggles* We were
Going in circles Around A tiny island which ofcourse is ours and well.... the rest is history *giggles*

Oh wow Look at the moon Tonight !!!! Well that was a quick sunset *looks at Jimmy*
Okay Jimmy what did you do to the time ? *Jimmy giggles and sez ." Well I didn't Do A Thing 
It was just simply a time lapse. Not only that to be honest I got lost in you beauty. "

*looks at Jimmy and sez ," I Don't know what you are looken at but no offence . *puts hand on hip* " I am
white as ghost I look like a living dead girl zombie who hasn't seen daylight since years ago  
*Our Newsest Family member begins to laugh*
"And To be quite honest Jimmy I ain't Attractive . I dont know if you noticed but I am not." 
*Jimmy Makes puppets with his hands and Makes one like me and one like him listening to me complain again about how ugly I look. At one point Jimmy takes his puppet and hits my puppet with a pillow telling me to stop being crazy I look fine*

Before you know it we are watching a puppet show put on by Jimmy. 
*Jimmy Looks at me and puts his hand over my mouth to be quite*
Jimmy Sez," Look your crazy . your beautiful and you gotta stop insulting yourself.

 *Jimmy looks over at our newest family member *
Jimmy Sez , "Well just to let you know she does this Quite Often. She has image issues
But we are all trying to help it through it . *Jimmy takes his hand off my mouth* 

Jimmy Sez," "Looks at our newest Family Member "  
*I turn my head and  Look at our newest family member and smile and hope
it doesn't bother them I have image issues* 

Jimmy sez," They Love the way you are Just like you love them they way they are.
Always remember that you are loved by others. Just Because you cant see it. doesn't 
mean that it isnt there. 

*newest family member shakes head agreeing with Jimmy*

*I look at Jimmy And you *  and sez in a calm voice " I know but I Always Feel Ugly though.
I have been hurt alot . So i can't see what you guys see. So my mirror of myself is distorted.
I hope one day I can get pass this. I know I will .it is just gonna take time.

*Newest Family member Gestures that they would help me get through moments like theses*

*Smiles and gives out newest family member another big huggie* 
Jimmy sez , " See now this is the family that was built by us. This is what our family is all about. "
*all of our family members give a group huggie*

*I look around in happyiness to know I have a family that is so great*   I begin to say "
Thank you guys I really do appreciate the huggies. I really needed that. been haven a rough day
with my internal struggling battle I have been having with myself" * Family nods that is alright*

Jimmy sez in a happy voice " Come on DancingSouless Lets get our newest family Member to there family
home "  * I look at you and Jimmy and give you another great big huggies and then gets your luggage
and starts on our journey to our family home. 

As We walk in the sand .We finally Reach your Family Home.

*Looks at you * I really hope you love it. When I Saw this House I Knew this
House was meant for you. I can always tell when i see A new family member arrive what kind
Of House they would be a match for. 

*Motions you to follow me over to the side of your house and look over your balconey*
See that is your neighbor They are apart of Our family too. They are very sweet and nice. So no need to worry about a thing. They Just arrived today Just like you. *smiles at you* I am so glad to have you apart of our family . you all are special to me. *smiles*

 *shows you to your club party pool side * This is your Other Pool you have. You have
2 pools. You got one with a built in Jacuzzi and you got this light up club one which connects to * guides you to the poolside bar*

This is your Night Club Bar Pool. Where you can entertain and have family Barba Q's here.
Plus On 4th of July We have fireworks that are done over here. So you got Front seats
to our firework show. *smiles*

Lou Bega Music begins to play and song is  ( Mambo Mambo ) Here is the link so
you can get the feel of the atmosphere -->

See What I mean About Club Experience .we got the mambo Music going 
*smiles  while putten the luggage by a chair and takes you by your hand and does the mambo Dance with
yeah to the music *  OMG THIS IS SO MUCH FUN !!! *GIGGLES* I bet you are having fun. I know I am. Always awesome Music Playen at our home. *smiles*

*Music begins to blare from your Club VIP ROOM *   
Vengaboys- We Like To Party! (The VengaBus)  here is the link to that

*Picks up your luggage and Directs us to your Club VIP Room*

*SMILES BIG* This is your Club VIP Slash Entertainment room.
Looks like Jimmy Was turning on the Sound sytem for ya *smiles * THANKS Jimmy!!!
Jimmy Yell's down " Your welcome Sweetheart I thought it would be a nice welcome song for our
newest family addition to our family"  *giggles and smiles at you * Well Sweetheart let me Show you to your room *guides you to your room upstairs *

Just To Let you know this is your home. *smiles while headed to the extra storage room and gets you
out 2 fluffys and walks over and lays them on your bed. Gently looks up and smiles * 
I Know it is weird I call the pillows Fluffys. But In Our Family We call them Fluffys. Or at least I do Anyways. 

*smiles* Well Just to let you know about our Family .We are very Supportive of one another
As you Saw earlier. We are there through Good times and Bad Times. We treat Everyone With
Respect and love and caring. Our Family is Based of nurturing ,Love, Strength ,Trust ,
Honesty, Loyalty and more.  We are always Together as Family. Our Family Is Unity. 

Our Family is Equality. We Accept Anyone and Everyone. We Are one big Loven Family.
If you ever Have a Request , or Someone is bothern you, Or if you ever Need someone to talk to
or chat with Please Don't Hesitate. Get A hold of me and I will be there right away if I can.

Just to let you know Our Family Is Always There for one Another. 
*gives you a great big huggie and kisses on the cheek*

If you need me let me know *heads Towards the your bedroom door and looks back* If you need
anymore Pillows or anything Just call me *smiles and opens doors ,walks down the hall way ,then down downstairs, through the Club VIP Room and then Down and out to the Club Pool side ,then walks to your secret pool and watchs the beautiful Running Waterfall that runs into your Beautiful Lite Pool. I Then Dip my feet in your pool . the water is nice and warm and The beach air Wisks my hair back as the View is breathen taken.

*As I watch the beautiful clouds change all sorts of Purplish Colors I hear footsteps. I then look behind
and see your smiling face*  WELL HI!!!! *I begin to smile with happyiness* I was hoping it was you. 
Thank you once again for being apart of our family. I am really happy to have you as one of our family members.It means alot to me *smiles and sits by you as you too dip your feet in the pool watching
the purplish colors of clouds change with me*

I am so happy to have you *smiles and giggles* It is so nice to have people who love and care as much as I do. I know with our Channel it will flourish and grow bigger. But no matter what have you in my life as well as others is what keeps me going on our channel. So thank you so much for joining our family .
*gives you a Great Big HUGGIE AND A KISS ON THE CHEEK*  

Here is our contacts to get a hold of us-->

Here are all my contacts to get a hold of me A.S.A.P. we will be adding more features soon. 
So Please keep a look out for them . 

If you ever need someone Just to chat with or be there for

you Please Email us at

Direct Email Us On Our YouTube Page-->

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Alright Well *gives you a Big Huggie and Kisses on the Cheek* Just let me know if you ever need anything.

Once Again Welcome To The Family Sweetheart. I am So happy you have Joined our family .*Watchs the Beautiful Clouds change colors while we soak our feet in the pool together*

♥♥♥♥♥♥Here Is your Special Video My Sweetheart *BIG HUGGIES AND KISSES* ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Welcome Our 55th FAMILY SWEETHEART! | DancingSouless Welcome To The Family Feature


                              ♥♥♥♥♥♥ BIG HUGGIES AND KISSES ♥♥♥♥♥♥

                              ♥♥♥♥♥♥Sincerely With Lots Of Love ♥♥♥♥♥♥


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