Friday, May 27, 2016

Back From Recording Now I am in editing !



I had to say that first. My gawd it actually felt like we were in an actual Hospital in this gameplay.
from doing Blood Cultures , MRI's , Patient evaluation , and more . Plus we had to find things like
in most puzzle games.  I am trying to get better at the puzzles. i am getten better but i ain't perfect.
I would say my most favorite part of this game play was Being with you Guys , then Blood cultures,MRI,Patient evaluation and more. You know actually doing Doctors stuff. the hide and search part I didn't like much. it is still hard for me but I still love the game itself.

I do recommend this game But just be ready to search and find stuff alot. It will help you with your searching and thinking skills. but it can mentally drain you like it did me. The pros for the game is the Actual doctor play (meaning actually doing the doctor stuff) . the down fall is the hide and search.  The story line is pretty good. So thats my Honest opinion and review of the game.

Also Before we began the gameplay i got a little sick. but I am alright. I got sick, brushed my teeth again for the 3rd time , and then Wached my face and cleaned up and got ready for the gameplay. One thing my dad taught me was to suck it up and strap my boots up . I swear to gawd my dad was raising me like a boy but I aint no boy . I am a woman a.k.a Girl.

My DAD was in the navy as a submarine guy. I forget what branch and all.but he was raised that boys don't cry and all and he tryed the same thing with me. I hated it . I don't agree with how he was brought up or my mother. I fully Support men and women Crying . it shows they have feelings and they are able to express themselves without being all bottled up and torn inside.

When I had my kids around I brought all my kids up to express there feelings and they were allowed to cry.
I also teached them to be open minded and not closed minded. I want them to be able to be who or whatever they wanted to be .I wasn't like my parents or other who were brought up differently. I am proud of my children and how I Raised them.I miss them and love them so much. I still wait for there return.

 But anyways... I am gonna get going and doing the editing and I will post back here when it is un rendering phase 1.





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